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  1. Goal: To create a web ready recipe book.

  2. Challenge: The compilation and categorizaton of the recipes, creation of a consistent, simple look and feel with the Menu Planner.

  3. Tools Used: Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

Chennai Wedding Planners
  1. Goal:Redesigning of an existing website.

  2. Challenge:To showcase the creativity of the work done by these amazing wedding planners. The focus was to give visitors a sample of the elegant backdrops and decorations that the planners create and execute at the various weddings and other special occasions.

  3. Tools Used: Dreamweaver, Gimp, Flash

Trees 360degrees
  1. Goal: To aesthetically showcase the client's portfolio of services and maintain a consistency of look & feel.

  2. Challenge: Creating a 'service-heavy' web presence from an existing single page website, keeping in mind color scheme, brand identity and functionality.

  3. Tools Used: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash

Ophthalmologist in Chennai
  1. Goal:Creating a website for an ophthalmologist based in Chennai,India who provides world class services and is passionate about educating his patient.

  2. Challenge:The site is very information heavy and to be able to provide that information succintly so as to keep the attention of the reader.

  3. Tools Used: Dreamweaver, Gimp, Flash

Wordpress blog for a craft enthusiast
  1. Goal:Creating and help maintaining a wordpress blog for an enthusiastic crafter who is passionate about paper quilling.

  2. Challenge:To help a client to conceptulize a concept that her creations needed a wider world audience.

  3. Tools Used: Wordpress, Gimp

Moreland Education Foundation
  1. Goal:Maintaining the website with up to date information on the Moreland Education Foundation.

  2. Challenge:Information to keep the site updated comes from the different board members on the foundation and leads of various committees.

  3. Tools Used: Squarespace, Gimp

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